Profiles in Courage Project

Posted On: March 24, 2020

Courage and grit in the face of adversity is what sets America apart. Together, they have often defined and certainly clarified our lives.

So, given our current coronavirus/Covid-19 pre-occupation, over the next several weeks the Warhawk Air Museum will issue ten “Profiles in Courage” taken from our collection. Like so many you’ll find here, these are exceptional stories of common folk who lived through tremendous uncertainty, conflict and fear—and how their struggle shaped their future.

I welcome your feedback and comments. Our first installment begins tomorrow.

Pat Kilroy
Executive Director
Warhawk Air Museum
208-465-6446   |


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Albert Beard
4 years ago

I think the Profiles in Courage is a great endeavor. Hearing about people’s real life experiences is helpful.

Where are you from?
Boise since ‘86, before that, Seattle
Bob Ruth
4 years ago

Great idea. Loved the first one.

Where are you from?
Originally a Minnesotan but since 1972 a true Idahoan.