Donor Recognition

Thank You!

Our sincere thanks to the generous friends of the museum who enable us to carry out our mission.

5-Star Donors


Paul Collins MD
Lindsey Family Foundation
John F. Nagel Foundation
Joe Oberst
John & Sue Paul
Robert Smith MD
Jack & Patty Walborn Family
4-Star Donors

$25,000 – $49,999

Eldon (Buck) & Hope Buckner
Kay Gott Chaffy, W.A.S.P.
Houston Bugatsch Architects
Southwest Idaho Travel Association
3-Star Donors

$10,000 – $24,999

Tom Camp
Meredith & Doug Carnahan
Les & Loraine Earls
Bill & Dorothy Gornik
Kenneth & Mary Lou Gurr
Barry, Ali and Justin Hill
Clarence L. Michaud
Micron Foundation
Brand & Martha Painter In Memory
Tiara Foundation
Robert Williams
2-Star Donors

$5,000 – $9,999

Larry Barnes Foundation
Fred Breneman
Capital One Bank
Chevron Humankind
Jan Christensen
Cloverdale Funeral Home
Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation
Ceil & Mary Dennis
Allen & Betty Frazier
Sue Helpenstell
Gary Hubler
Idaho Community Foundation
Idaho Space Consortium
Idaho Veterans Services
Key Bank Foundation
Richard M. Loff
Mort & Mara McMillen
Mark Miller
Vance & Kathy Miller
H.P. “Bud” Milligan
Al & Betty Muccia
Jeff Neal
Edward & Vickie O’Gara
Tim and Jan Peterson
Wade & Claudia Pfennig
Price Pump Company
Thornton Stearns
Danny Summers
Jim & Judd Thomas
Capt. Jeffrey L. Thompson (Ret.)
Dan & Becky Vestal
The Whittenberger Foundation
Ken & Cary Wilson
2-Star Donors

$1,000 – $4,999

Ed & Ina Adler
Melvin Alsager
Angell’s Bar and Grill
William Augsburger
Frank Bales
Robert Barclay
Julie Basler
Chris Berge
B.E. “Bud” & Glenda Berry
Don & Judy Bitler
Chet Bowers
Mike Breasher
Pete & Freda Cenarrusa
Ed & Jeannette Clark
Bob Coates
Merle H. Culp Family
Cuneo Family
Don & Frida Curtiss
Claude & Sally Davis
James & Beth Dennis
Elden & Stephanie Dormier
Lew & Marylou Doty
Dan D. Emery
Chris & Debra Evans
Max Fullmer
Gannett Foundation / Idaho Statesman
Jonathan & Linda Gates
Willard & Jerrie Lee Gribble
Kenneth Gurr, Jr.
Michael Gurr
Richard & Sondra Hackborn
Dick Hansen
Rollie Hatfield, Jr.
Tom & Alice Hennessey
Boyd Hill
Brian Hill
Dr. Kenneth Hollenbaugh
Gary Hubler
Idaho Dairy Council
Parley D. John
Key Bank Foundation
Bruce & Brian Laherty
John & Nancy Lane
Richard Lunstrum
John & Kris Maloney
David & Barb Marquart
George Metteer
Alec Miller
Riley Miller
Frances Montgomery
Mustangs Forever
Thomas B. Norris Family
Skip & Esther Oppenheimer
P-40 Warhawk Pilots Association
Mel Payne
Roger Q. Penny
Ronald Penny
Bob & Penny Piazza
Bud Ptacek
Patrick Rediker
Chauncey Reese
W.W. “Bob” Roberts
Kristi Salle
Merrill Sargent
Robert & Palmer Sarnoff
Larry Sawyer
Don Schott
Fred Sebby
Gale & Juanita Sersain
Floyd Shelp, Jr.
Snake River Studebaker Drivers Club
Denny Snyder
Robert B. Starke, Jr.
William Stoelt
David Stone
Elmo & Patricia Strickler
Hank & Donna Taylor
Donald Thorne
Donald R. Thorne
Treasure Valley Coffee
Ron & Judy Trout
Sarah Tueller
Walmart Foundation
Geoffrey Webster
Col. Benjamin Weiss
Morgan Woodward
Art Zottarelli

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