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The NASA Space Center and Warhawk Air Museum education center is designed to ignite an appreciation for country, history, space, and aviation in all students and to give them a keener appreciation for the sacrifices our veterans endured during times of war and how technology during the 1930s – 1960s evolved and benefited our global society.

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(For any of the options listed below and for a minimum of 10 students)
Students (K-12): $4.00
Teachers/Leaders: Free

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Students (K-12): $4.00
Kids Under 5: Free
Adults: 1 Parent Per Family
Additional Adults: $6.00

For any of the options listed below and for a minimum of 10 students.

Are you a homeschool family or have fewer than 10 students?

Check out our Homeschool Family Days on December 8th, March 9th, and May 10th! From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. the museum is reserved for homeschool families or small groups. Volunteers will be on hand and help students explore the museum and scavenger hunts for all ages will be available. Fill out the reservation form to reserve your day!

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Docent Guided

Our knowledgeable docents guide students around the museum. Tours are tailored to the age/grade of the students and available for k-12 students.

Docent lead tour as part of the Warhawk Air Museum education center for a school field trip


3rd–5th Grade

Child’s Play Limit 25 students
This program will transport young students back in time to an era of patriotism, self-sacrifice, and courage. The students will discover and explore the important role of children in America during WWII.

7th–12th Grade

Bridging the Generations
In this popular and potentially life changing experience high school students meet WWII, Korea, and Vietnam veterans and hear their personal stories of courage, valor, and sacrifice in their struggle to be good soldiers during times of war and conflict. We have several World War II veterans who participate in this program, allowing students access to what might possibly be the most important, and quickly disappearing, generation in American history. This class is sure to make a big impression on your students.

3rd–12th Grade

The History of the Pledge of Allegiance and the Flag
This class is taught by Nampa police officer Stu Hobson and is designed to give the basic history behind the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance in the hopes that students will gain a greater appreciation for both. Our goal is to educate and inspire all people to stand with pride and say the Pledge of Allegiance and show proper respect for the American flag. Students will also learn about the real cost of freedom and the importance of thanking American veterans for his or her service and sacrifices which help to preserve the rights and freedoms we enjoy every day.

4th–12th Grade

Communication Limit 25 students
Using the 100 years of history and technology present in the museum’s collection, this class explores communication and its advances through Morse code, coding, circuits, and cyphers all through hands-on experiments.

4th–12th Grade

Forces of Flight Limit 25 students
This class explores the forces that make flight possible through hands-on experiments.

5th–12th Grade

Self-Guided Class: If Airplanes Could Talk
In this NASA program, students will learn the history of aviation and aircraft identification, followed by a chance to research one of the airplanes at our museum.
Take a look at the lesson plan.

Scavenger Hunt

We have three levels of scavenger hunt to suit all grade levels that take students on a trip throughout the museum in search of specific items to answer age-appropriate questions about, or in the case of younger students play an I-spy game. These scavenger hunts offer a powerful method for interacting with museum artifacts and learning about their importance to American history.

Downloads: Scavenger Hunt A1 | Scavenger Hunt A2

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Each field trip includes a docent-led museum tour in addition to your choice of class or scavanger hunt (details of each listed above). Please make your selection using the form below.

Field trips must be scheduled two weeks in advance. Each trip takes approximately two hours.

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