Post-9/11 and Global War on Terror Expansion and Renovation

We are thrilled to announce that we have broken ground on our new maintenance hangar – the first phase of our expansion plan! The expected completion date for the hangar is summer 2024. Once the first phase is complete, the second phase renovating the current maintenance hangar into a state-of-the-art Global War on Terror wing will begin. This will usher in a new era honoring our GWOT veterans. The projected opening date for the expansion is the summer 2025.

We would like to express our gratitude to our members, donors, visitors, and community supporters who have generously donated to our expansion fund, making this project possible. We look forward to sharing more updates on our progress in the future!

For 35 years the Warhawk Air Museum has focused on its mission to “educate visitors about the cost of freedom and honor those who paid its price”.

The museum has welcomed over half a million visitors since it opened in 1989. It is a sacred place to preserve, honor, and educate our community about our veterans’ histories, but more importantly, it is a place of sharing and healing.

The Global War on Terror was America’s longest war. We are honored to announce our plans to expand the museum and recognize those Veterans. This 37,000 square foot expansion and state-of-the-art renovation will be designed to preserve and honor the history of the Global War on Terror and serve as a gathering place for the military community and civilian visitors to heal, celebrate, honor, and learn.

The cost of the new wing is $3.5 million. We have raised $3 million to date. We ask you to partner with the Warhawk Air Museum to preserve, honor, and safeguard America’s military history.

Please join us in hitting the afterburner to close the funding gap.

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Expansion Packet

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Donations may be made using the form below, in person at our Gift Shop, or by mailing a check to:
Warhawk Air Museum
201 Municipal Drive, Nampa, ID 83687

Donor Update

The Warhawk Air Museum is proud to announce the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation has donated $350,000 in support of our Capital Campaign to build the new Post 9/11 – Global War on Terror wing. This new wing and renovation will add 32,000 sq. ft. to the museum campus and cost $3.5 million. This new wing will link generations and acknowledge the service of our GWOT Veterans as the Museum continues to preserve, honor, and teach the veterans’ history and service to our nation. “The Warhawk Air Museum is a great asset to the state of Idaho and to Mission43,” said Dan Nelson, Program Officer for the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation. “We support the leadership potential of veterans and military spouses who have chosen to live in Idaho after their military service, and this expansion will offer incredible opportunities to our military and civilian communities.”

The Warhawk Air Museum provides a place, in Idaho, for personal collections and stories to be displayed to the public. With this expansion, we will become a home for military gatherings and expanded student field trips. The Global War on Terror (GWOT) Veterans and their families will join the hallowed grounds of the Warhawk Air Museum under the mission and promise to teach the world about the cost of freedom and honor those who paid the price. We are very grateful to the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation for their gift and humbled by their support and enthusiasm as the museum moves into the future.

Current Expansion Donors

$1 Million+

John and Sue Paul


Todd & Cassy Lindsey


J.A. & Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation


Agri Beef




Harry Bettis
Engineered Solutions, Inc.
Joe and Kari Forney
Phil Petrik Family


Tom Camp
Bill & Edie Dagley
Industrial Builders, Inc.
Brad & Stephanie Ingram
Reed Lindsey
Norco, Inc.
Thompson Aviation Services
Joe & Janet Russell


Rick Bugatsch
BVA Development, LLC
Todd & Carriesa Cranney
Bill Gilbert
Neil & Tyley Nelson
Price Pump
Dr. Robert Smith
Jim Sterk
Peter & Debbie Wachtell


Doug & Meredith Carnahan
First Interstate Bank
Belle Lindsey
Peter & Julie Oliver
Ken & Liz Rhoades
Ken & Cary Rhoades
Shelley Seibel
Denny Snyder
Donald Soper
Tom & Donna Walker
Wilson Capital Investment, LLC
Julie Yamamoto
Zasio Enterprises, Inc.


Emily Baker
Doug & Darlene Black
Mike Breshears
Roger & Linda Cada
Scott & Kathy Cagle
Jan & Tanya Christensen
Larry & Kathy Clucas
Brad & Jackie Cox
Tom & Laura Curtis
Keith Daris
Benjamin Dolan
John & Jolly Eck
Judith Eighmy
Dale Goff
Scott Graves
Steve & Karen Hinton
Penny Hon
Lionel & Jeannine Ickes
Timothy & Kathlyn Johans
Johnson Thermal Systems
Debbie Kling
Gary & Leta Kunz
Ty & Gail Lacey
Craig & Jolie Lickley
Jon & Jackie Lindgren
Rick & Randy Litman
Greg Lovell
Donald & Peg McCown
John McIntyre
Tom Nelson
Robert & Bonnie Petterson
Ronnie & Sherry Rackley
Don & Kathy Schott
Peter & Lynda Shea
John Sheldon
John & Lynne Sterling
Bob & Sue Towery
James & Mildred Traver
Jo Trefethen
Tim & Connie Wieczorek


Steven Arnold
JoAnn Beazer
Sabrina Bedard
Paul Blount
LaChelle Bohner
William Bollinger
John Boyd
Larry & Char Boyd
Robert Brady
Darl Bruner
Freda Cenarrusa
Caden Centers
Chelle Clements
C.M. Conner
Ron Dale
Jimmy & Shawn Davis
Richard & RuthAnne Davis
Elna Dawson
Barb Dean
Keith Dremaline
Darrell Dodge
Carter Dyal
John Flanigan
Ron & Mary Garceau
Ron & Cheryl Graff
Joe & Mary Anne Grubiak
Dennis & June Hardziej
Terry Harrell
Jeff & Cindy Haskell
David Hawk
Alice Hennessey
Barry & Ali Hill
Tracey Honstein
Joe & Kathy Hopkins
Fred Johnsen
Barbara Kayser
Al Kelly
Jennifer Kerr
Janice Khum
Jerry King
Bryan Kinghorn
Robert Kratt
Joe & Amanda Kronz
Gary Labrum
Howard & Gail Lacey
Sharon Lewis
Tyler Lindsay
Rick Litman
Stephanie Locker
Jim MacKie
Bryan Madden
Georgia Marshall
Barry Martin
Jim & Julie Matheson
TeeJay & Marie McGrath
Jim & Mara McMahon
Thomas Mello
Cari Miller
Doug Miller
Dominic Misasi
Jim Monroe
Dean & Melissa Morell
Dan Morton
Jeffery Neal
Jeff Newgard
Christina Olds
Vaughn & Katie Olson
Max & Amanda Pearcy
Christine Perry
Debra Pitts
Kim Ray
Frederick Reynolds
Toni Rome
Robert Ruth
Hayward Sawyer
James Shirley
Kathleen Shores
Sipantzi Family Trust
Michael Smith
Richard & RuthAnn Smith
Steve Storey
Jim & Paula Streit
Dave & Carrie Sullivan
Charley & Charlene Taylor
Roger & Julie Trout
J.T. Turner
Robert Tuttle, Sr.
Clifford Venne
Anita Ward
Rebecca Watkins
Bob & Konya Weber
Joanne Wetherell
Brian Wilkening
Pam Wilkerson
Larry & Linda Zilli


Lindsay Anderson
John Bard
Matt Bishop
Margie Blair
Michael Bogre
Robert Brady
Marilyn Bunn
Kali Carringer
Carrie Clot
Leland Clune
Sandra Cooper
Morgan Craig
Mark Dalton
Sarah Dance
Steven David
R.G. Davis, Sr.
Gary Decker
Robert Dornath
Esther Doty-Pomoransky
John Drake
Thomas Drake
Paula Edmonds
Suzanna Estes
Gregory Ferch
Tim Furman
Butch & Debbie Gordo
Earl Gordo, Jr.
Jim & Judy Grunke
Nina Hannemann
Lance & Jana Hobson
Ronald Hulse
Lee Humphrey
Denise Irwin
Steve & Anna Jenny
Stephen C. Jung
Becky Kent-Hager
Carol Koran
Robert Kratt
R. Lawrence Levy
Tom Mahan
Dennis Marshall
Ricky Murphy
Stephen Murphy
Dennis & Catharina Parry
Doug Paul
Mike Pearce
Robin Piccione
Karen & James Rasmussen
Patrick Rediker
Judi Robins
Jessica Ruiz
Stacey Ryan
Constance Scott
David Skinner
Randall Smith
Herb & Melitta Strandberg
Craig Strang
Mike & Becky Swartz
Bill Thomson
Stan Tonkin
Andre & Stephanie Watts
Diana Zubizareta