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Rosie the Riveter Day

March 17 @ 11:00 am 4:00 pm

Help Rosie take over the museum March 17th 11–4. Dress like Rosie and get in FREE!

We’re celebrating Rosie the Riveter Day in honor of the women of World War II who redefined what it was to be a woman in the workforce.

We’ll have stations throughout the Museum for kids to learn to rivet, test their codebreaker skills, make a recruitment poster, start a victory garden, and experiment with electrical circuits. PLUS, dress like Rosie and get in FREE!

Warhawk Rosies

Why is Rosie the Riveter important?

During WWII many working-age men were drafted into the military to fight on the frontlines. This led to a shortage of workers and an increased demand for laborers to fill their vacancies.  Millions of women across the country rolled up their sleeves and joined the workforce doing jobs stereotypically done by men. Women were also allowed to serve in the United States Armed Forces in an official capacity for the first time.

Nicknamed “Rosies,” after the iconic Rosie the Riveter recruiting poster, women worked in any industry in need, including factories, shipyards, welding facilities, airplane hangars, and electronic workshops. They faced challenges such as hazardous working conditions, food rationing, finding childcare, and gender discrimination. Decades later we’re still inspired by their spirit and sacrifice.

Rosie the Riveter–symbol of the “We Can Do It” spirit