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Bell UH-1C “Mike” Model Gun ship

The “Mike” model Huey was a conversion of the existing UH-1C by re-engining it with the 1,400 shp (1,000 kW) Lycoming T53-L-13 powerplant used in the UH-1H. This provided more power to the “C” model for its role as a gunship, and also provided engine commonality between the attack and transport helicopters in use in Vietnam at that time.

Bell UH-1C Specifications

  • Built:
    Original construction in 1960, Fort Worth, TX
  • Markings:
    Painted in the markings of the actual unit that flew this actual Huey int he combat during Vietnam: The 68th Assault Helicopter Company “Mustangs”
  • Engine:
    1000 kW Lycoming T53-L-13
    1400 SHP
  • Armament:
    Various combinations of fixed and flexible .30 caliber, .50 caliber, 7.62mm machine guns (both single and multiple barrel); 20mm cannon, 40mm grenade launchers, 2.75-inch (70mm) unguided, folding fin aerial rockets (FFARs); TOW or AGM-22A antitank missiles
  • Fuselage Length: 57′
  • Height: 14’11”
  • Rotor Diameter: 48′
  • Empty Weight: 5,200 lbs
  • Max Weight: 9,000 lbs
  • Range: 330 miles
  • Service Ceiling: 24,800 ft
  • Max Speed: 140 mph
  • Max Cruise: 115 mph
Bell UH-1C “Mike” Model Gun ship diagrams